Debunking Those Plumbing Myths

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1. Hand Soap Is Sufficient To Clean Plumbing Fixtures

Despite how harmless hand soap might seem, some types of plumbing fixtures can be damaging to the surface. An acquaintance from the company house cleaning brandon once told me of a non evasive cleaning tip. For example, brass plumbing fixtures should only be cleaned with things such as lemons and baking soda. That is gentle on the fixtures and safe for them.

2. Using Lemons To Clean The Garbage Disposal

People may have heard that if you throw a lemon rind through your garbage disposal it cleans it. Well that is not exactly the case. It may make it smell better but it doesn’t have to properties to properly clean it. In order to disinfect the garbage disposal you can use something as simple as mild soap and warm water. BUT WAIT. Before you go on to cleaning your disposal you must make sure you disconnect the disposal from its power source. After that you can put your cleaning solution down the disposal, let it sit for a few minutes then you can use a brush to give it a good scrub.

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